165th AW conducts water survival training

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Noel Velez
  • 165th Airlift Wing
Aircrew members from the 165th Airlift Wing, Savannah Air National Guard Base, Ga. participated in water-survival training at Hunter Army Airfield indoor swimming facilities, practicing skills that could one day save their lives.  The training is led and conducted by Master Sgt. Jorge Chavez and his team of qualified instructors from the 165th Aircrew Flight Equipment section.

The pilots, co-pilots, navigators, flight engineers, loadmasters and flight surgeons were required to extract themselves from parachute harnesses while being pulled through the water, demonstrate their use of single-person and 20-person life rafts and water extraction. The refresher course is required every three years and puts the aircrew survival and swimming skills to the test.

"Water survivor training reminds aircrew members of the essential water training to survive in open sea environment", said Chavez.