117 ACS becomes 727 EACS

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Ronald N. Speir, Jr.
  • 117th Air Control Squadron
U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Ronald N. Speir, Jr. from the 117th Air Control Squadron, Georgia Air National Guard received the guidon from Col. Timothy A. Gosnell, Nov. 17, 2013 at a deployed location in Southwest Asia. Speir took command of the 727th Expeditionary Air Control Squadron as duties transitioned from the 255 ACS, Mississippi Air National Guard to the 117 ACS. The two units performed a similar swap out in 2010 which provided a familiarity between the two units and resulted in a highly effective
transition of duties.

The 117 ACS began training for the swap out during a 45-day spin-up period in which the Guardsmen rehearsed their duties using standard operating procedures previously used by the 255 ACS for both operations and maintenance. Upon arriving in theater the 117 ACS quickly transitioned from observing to performing within four days. The 255 ACS prepared and executed a solid turnover plan that enabled the Georgia Air National Guardsmen to take full control in the shortest time possible.

117 ACS works at one of the larger U.S. Air Bases in Southwest Asia which provides many services to support the members during duty and non-duty hours. Most of the personnel reside in one dormitory complex with two to three Airmen per room. A latrine is located on each hall with 12 Airmen residing throughout two tents. Amenities are located within a five minute walk from the dorms including the work facility. Two dining facilities
provide a variety of food and a three tent fitness center provides ample equipment for working out. Although, a new fixed fitness facility is currently under construction. Other amenities include a Base Exchange, Community Activity Center, Education Center, Learning Resource Center, and a Chapel. The most celebrated feature of the base is the fast and reliable wi-fi network available throughout the living areas of the base.