165th Airlift Wing Guardsman continues her family’s legacy of military service

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Caila Arahood
  • 165th Airlift Wing

SAVANNAH, Ga.-- “Some would say serving is in my blood,” said Master Sgt. Catherine Brown, a Guardsmen in the Georgia Air National Guard.

Brown has been serving in the Air National Guard for 22 years and is currently a unit training manager at the 224th Joint Communications Support Squadron, a geographically separated unit of the 165th Airlift Wing, located in Brunswick, Georgia.

Her family history of service is something that dates more than one hundred years, not only here in the United States but also in Mexico where her grandparents originated from.

"My family has been serving in the military as far back as the Mexican Revolution," said Brown.

“My great uncle served in World War II and another in the Battle of the Bulge,” Brown explained, “My father, as well as some of my cousins, served in Vietnam."

Although Brown comes from a military family, she did not grow up thinking she would carry on this family tradition of military service.

“My mom retired as a juvenile detention teacher in Los Angeles County, California and when I was growing up I was always told that after high school I would go to college,” Brown said.

“No questions asked, I went to college and to be honest, I didn’t do very well,” said Brown.

“Fast forward 22 years and three specialties later, it’s surreal how I ended up in the education and training career field just like my mom and with a college degree,” Brown said.

“Everything has come full circle for me in my career,” explained Brown, “I started my military career in aircraft maintenance like my dad in the Air Force Reserves at Dobbins Air Force Base, Georgia and now I am following in my mom’s footsteps working in the education and training field.”

“I have been pleasantly surprised with how everything has fallen into place,” said Brown, “When I originally joined the military, I didn’t think I would make a lifelong career out of it but I have had so many amazing experiences and love that I have the opportunity to now help Airmen succeed in their goals.”

Brown takes pride in her role as a unit training manager and in serving the Airmen she leads by ensuring they meet and maintain annual training requirements for their specific jobs.

“My “why” for serving has changed throughout my 22 career in the Guard" said Brown, "Right now, my “why” is helping members achieve their career milestones."

She said that when she retires she wants to leave a legacy of being a person that people could always count on to help or solve problems, offer a positive attitude and someone that was never afraid to try something new, even if there was a chance at failure.”

“I want my family members and friends to remember me as someone who never gives up and always puts my whole heart into anything I chase after including helping my fellow Airmen and serving in the Air National Guard" said Brown.